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The Buzzard Bar Cooking Team

Upcoming Cook-Off Dates

July 8-9 - Schertz, TX - Summer Heat CASI Chili Cook-Off

Sept. 8-9 - Gonzales, TX - CASI Great Peppers Meeting

Oct. 6-7 - Converse, TX - Night in Old Converse CASI Chili Cook-Off

Nov. 4 - Terlingua, TX - CASI International Chili Championship

Nov. 24-26 - Victoria, TX - VASA Pod Thanksgiving weekend CASI Chili Cook-Off


These dates are ones that we hope to attend.  Feel free to check with us to make sure we're going to cook, before traveling to join us, especially if we have more than one cook-off scheduled on the same date.  You never know where we'll decide to go next!  We always welcome folks to join us for a good time, but come prepared to work and eat!